Hi, my name is Kelly and I am your Pilates instructor in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and the French Riviera.

I was always the sporty type (swimming, running, fitness), but thanks to the Pilates method, I finally found a way to truly understand my body and its limits. I learnt to move differently and what it's like to be truly fit, more than I could ever imagine.

My approach


This is what I practise when I teach. It is also about being mindful with yourself and your body to reap the benefits of this amazing exercise method.


I teach the authentic Pilates method, the one created by Joseph Pilates himself. This method adapts to every body type, for a thorough, full-body workout.


I meet you wherever you are, wherever that may be. I'll work with you to create a fitness routine that feels accessible yet challenges you.

My story

I am a certified level 5 Romana Pilates instructor. 

My teacher training course (more than 700 hours) is the most demanding of all Pilates certifications out there. This training is your guarantee that I have mastered the classical Pilates method as created by Joseph Pilates. It is recognised in France by the FPMP (Fédération Professionnelle des métiers du Pilates).

I am also certified of the french certificate CQP Animateur Loisirs Sportif Activités Gymniques d’Entretien et d’Expression. 

I believe in the Pilates method because it is established, effective, and recognised worldwide.

The Pilates method has proven its effectiveness for nearly a century (the first studio opened in 1926 in New York) with various audiences: the war wounded, wounded athletes, dancers, and nowadays the general public. The Pilates method is now even recommended by the medical world, particularly by physiotherapists and osteopaths, some of whom are trained in the method.

“My goal was to create a 100% dedicated Pilates studio where I can provide authentic expertise in this method and help my clients achieve tangible results on their physical fitness journey”

In another life, I wasn’t a Pilates teacher.

I wasn’t always a Pilates teacher with lots of ideas in my head. I started my career in the event industry. Then, by chance, I fell into the world of advertising and stayed in it for several years as an account manager.

I had an established career. I was recognised for my work and had achieved my professional objectives. However, as my 40s started approaching, I started asking myself questions. This voice inside of me was pushing me to search for something else. 

I was always interested in personal development, and I’m not one to ignore my intuition. So I quickly turned my attention to what resonated with me: human connection, wellbeing, and sport.

So there you have it – my journey in a nutshell! I hope it will make you want to meet me during a Pilates class so you can experience my very authentic version of the Pilates method.

On a personal note

I was born in the spring of 1981. 

I am a “Niçoise” of British origin. My friends say I am a mix of British phlegm and the south of France’s colourful and relaxed temperament.

I am what you would call a “people” person; I love connecting with others! 

I believe that humour, curiosity, kindness and diplomacy are essential to humankind.

The adjectives that describe me best are: epicurean and optimistic.

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you in your Pilates practice in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and on the French Riviera.

What my clients say


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