Private or small group Pilates classes, in a studio in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Looking to tone up, improve your mobility and flexibility? Try my private or semi-private studio Pilates classes in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Studio Pilates classes

Cours de Pilates accompagné

Whether a mat class or an equipment class, all my studio Pilates classes are tailored to suit your tastes and needs. Choose from the wide variety of options available: private classes, 1:2 and 1:3 classes on Pilates equipment, or a small group mat class. 

Pilates Mat or Equipment class, what’s the difference?

Equipment Pilates classes take place on various Pilates machines such as the Reformer, the Cadillac or the Wunda Chair. Their main benefit is that they allow for a precise, progressive and completely tailor-made workout. Mat exercises are essential for strengthening the center, a founding principle in Pilates, so you can expect a specific time dedicated to the mat repertoire into your equipment class. 

Pilates machines are generally equipped with springs and straps which act as a supportive best friend, bringing you support as you work and lengthen your entire body. 

Pilates Mat classes are small group classes (6 people max) that challenge you and will develop your physical strength. Expect a full body workout on a mat using minimal equipment and maximum body strength.

Now you know the difference, find your ideal class!

Online Pilates classes

No more doom and gloom! Switch off the news and tune into an online Pilates class instead! Give yourself an energy boost and do your Pilates workout from the comfort and safety of your own home. Yes, you can still maintain your fitness routine and sanity amidst a global pandemic!


Single class
10 classes pack
Small group class
12 €
100 €
30 €
250 €

1:1 Equipment Pilates classes

Enjoy a moment to yourself during a private class on Pilates equipment. I will guide you through a series of classical Pilates exercises on different Pilates machines. Get ready for an in-depth full-body workout that will improve your posture, stability, balance and increase your strength and serenity.

This class is also an excellent choice if you have a medical condition or an injury that needs help with healing. A 100% tailor-made experience where I am entirely focused on you.

Single class
10 classes pack
20 classes pack
70 €
650 €
1 180 €

1:2 & 1:3 Equipment Pilates classes

Once you’re acquainted with the classical Pilates method*, you can move onto a 1:2 class or a 1:3 Wall Unit class (with your own partner). In these classes, I guide you through a series of classical Pilates exercises tailored to you and your partners. This class is an excellent choice if you want a custom experience at a more accessible price point.

All equipment classes include a specific time dedicated to the mat exercices.

* (After 3-5 1:1 Equipment classes – See Discovery offers)

Per person prices

Single class
10 classes pack
20 classes pack
56 €
510 €
940 €
Wall unit 1:3
39 €
350 €
600 €

Pilates Mat classes

In-studio mat class

Expect a challenging and fun small group class where you’ll work on exercises from the Pilates Mat repertoire. The exercises are done on the floor with or without small accessories (weights, circle). These classes offer a full-body workout where you can expect to develop strength, concentration and control. You will also improve your flexibility and mobility.

Per person price

Single class
10 classes pack
Studio Mat Class
25 €
220 €

Meet your Pilates instructor

Hi ! I'm Kelly. I am a Romana's Pilates certified instructor. I have learnt all my skills and so much more from my teacher trainer Aurélie Bidart at Studio Be Pilates in Nice, and Philippe Taupin from Studio Pilates de Pilates. As your Pilates instructor, my primary goal is to help you take the time to focus on your body, your breathing and the associated sensations. A moment where you've given yourself the time to connect with your inner self. As the weeks go by, I'll help you improve your technique, strength, flexibility, and serenity. Seeing your smile at the end of each session is my reward. Kelly Whitford, Pilates Instructor.

More about Kelly

What is classical Pilates?

I teach classical Pilates in Beaulieu-sur-Mer and its surroundings, but also online. It is a full-body workout that is gentle and progressive and is suited to everyone. You will feel stronger, more flexible, experience less pain and less stress. Transform your body today and maintain long-term results with the original Pilates method.


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Kelly Loves Pilates

Discovery offer 1

55 € for a single class

1 private class with Pilates equipment  to enjoy the “Studio atmosphere”.

Discovery offer 2

175 € for 3 private classes

3 private classes to get familiar with Pilates equipment.