"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"
Joseph Pilates

With this conviction in mind, Joseph Pilates invented his own body conditioning method, called "Contrology". Find out what classical Pilates is all about and the benefits the method will bring you.

What is classical Pilates?

Did you know that there are many different Pilates branches today? I teach the classical Pilates method, in its most authentic form, as created by Joseph Pilates himself in New York City.

The 6 guiding principles of classical Pilates 

The classical Pilates method is based on 6 fundamental principles that are worked on during each class.


Breath is essential for our vital functions, so it comes as no surprise it is the main focus in Pilates. I will teach you to optimise and amplify your breath resulting in better oxygenation of your organs and muscles, and a profound sense of wellbeing.


Precision and Pilates go hand in hand. Every exercise demands great precision, both from the student, and the teacher! Excellent technique and form will help you break free from any “bad” habits you may be carrying in your body.


Originally known as “Contrology” classical Pilates puts the notion of control centre stage. As you practice Pilates, you’ll develop control over your body, thanks to optimal concentration. It’s all about that mind-body connection!


The ultimate goal of Pilates is to help the body move with fluidity and control. Therefore, when you attend a Pilates class, the focus will be on optimal body movement and moving fluidly through the exercises. Flow is critical to reaping the benefits of Pilates.


As touched on above, Pilates requires optimum concentration to a) coordinate your body with your breath, and b) control your body in the execution of each exercise. This optimal concentration is what will help you go deeper into the stretch.


Engaging the core, or the “Powerhouse” is a central aspect of the classical Pilates method. This is the area covering the back, abs, buttocks and the upper thighs. Regular practice of Pilates will not only strengthen your core, but you’ll also develop more awareness of it.

Who was Joseph Pilates?

In 1912, Joseph Pilates moved from Germany to England, where he tried to make a living as a boxer, self-defence teacher and circus performer.

During the First World War, Joseph Pilates was imprisoned on the Isle of Man. He took advantage of these years of confinement to develop his Pilates method with the other prisoners.
In 1926, Joseph Pilates emigrated to the United States. During the trip, he met Clara, who later became his wife and his most faithful partner.

Joseph and Clara Pilates opened their first studio in New York, not far from Broadway. The Pilates method, originally called "Contrology", quickly became popular with dancers and performers in the artistic world.
Joseph Pilates taught his method until he died in 1967. Many of his students went on to teach his method, incorporating variations and modifications. Only Romana Kryzanowska, a classical dancer, dedicated her life to faithfully transmitting Joseph Pilates' legacy.
And then...
It was Romana who taught the second and third generation of Pilates teachers. Her daughter, and later her granddaughter, continued to teach and pass on the classical Pilates method's legacy. Thousands of people worldwide have followed Romana's Pilates training programme, the longest and most demanding Pilates instructor training.
And then...

Pilates is for your if...

Anyone can practice Pilates, and my Pilates classes are all tailored to your individual needs and goals. Here are just some of the ways Pilates can help you transform your body and achieve your wellness goals today :

1.You’re not the sporty type 

No worries. Pilates is 100% gentle and progressive. I meet you where you are, and we build from there.

2.You suffer from chronic back pain  

The Pilates method works specifically on strengthening the core and the back, resulting in reduced back pain and better posture. 

3.You’re a senior 

Pilates was made for you. This gentle method will help you maintain mobility, muscle tone, flexibility and balance, all whilst slowing down the ageing process.

4.You’re an athlete 

Want to improve your performance? Heal an old injury? Use Pilates to strengthen any “weak” spots and help you achieve your goals.

5.You’re feeling stressed 

Pilates develops the all-important mind-body connection and improves concentration. Let any tension melt away.

6.You’re a new mama 

I’m here for you! Pilates is the ideal postnatal exercise method. You’ll recover tone and control of your perineum and improve your general physical condition post-childbirth.

Pilates will help you with

Want to improve your flexibility and joint mobility? Pilates will do just that by stretching your muscles gently and precisely. Your body’s alignment will also vastly improve, and you’ll have better posture.
Whether you do Pilates on a machine or a mat, all your muscles are going to work. Thanks to specific stretches and exercises designed to lengthen your muscles, you’ll soon see a more toned and elongated body. No “bulk” in sight!
Weak abs and recurring back pain can be signs of a lack of strength. Pilates works specifically on strengthening the core and the back, helping you gain overall strength and stability.
Pilates strengthens your muscles and ligaments through specific stretches and exercises. The result is improved range of motion and overall mobility.
Imagine having better balance and spatial awareness, feeling physically grounded in your body and improving your posture and body alignment? How would that feel? With a regular Pilates practise, you’ll master this and learn to move your body mindfully.
Struggling to concentrate? Wishing you could at times have more control and precision? A strong mind-body connection is key to improve these aspects in all areas of your life. A regular Pilates practise will make you focus on your body so you can develop that all-important connection.
It is no secret that our sedentary lifestyles are a total drain of our vital energy. With a regular Pilates practice, you’re taking the time to nourish your body with movement and the energy it needs for optimal function.
My Pilates classes are tailor-made for you, in order to offer you a truly personalised approach. Whatever your goals are, I will design a bespoke programme for you.

Pilates can help athletes progress in their sport, thanks to

  • A stronger core
  • Better grounding
  • Increased body awareness
Regular physical exercise stimulates the entire body, and Pilates is no exception. Expect better circulation, a healthier breathing system and a regulated nervous system.
Pilates works the muscles by lengthening them, which makes it possible to obtain a muscular and lean body without mass gain.
What would your life be like if you were less stressed? From your very first Pilates session, you’ll feel immediate physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll release any nervous and muscular tension, and the results will only get better with time.
Pilates is a new mama’s best friend. Gentle yet powerful, the exercises will work your abdominal muscles in specific ways. Coupled with a specific thoracic breathing technique, the result is a toned core and a strengthened perineum.


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