Améliorez votre swing grâce au Pilates

Attention golfers, read this if you want to improve your swing

Imagine what better balance, more precise movements, more strength and a powerful golf swing would do to your golf game? I want to let you in on an exercise method that will make all of this possible: Pilates. Let me explain how. 

Pilates for golfers: a winning combination 

More and more professional golfers are turning to Pilates to help them with their golf game. Indeed, Pilates is an exercise method based on precision and control, which are also crucial elements in Golf. 

The main benefits of Pilates for golfers are:

  • A powerful and harmonious swing thanks to a more muscular back and core muscles
  • Improved rotational capacity of the shoulders and bust for an optimal backswing
  • More strength and precision in all rotational movements thanks to strong, stable hips 
  • Better balance and alignment in rotational movements

Pilates: the ideal physical preparation for Golf?

Golf is a sport in which you often ‘twist’ your body, squat, and lean forward to retrieve the ball. You frequently repeat the same movements which, over time, can result in certain muscles becoming more developed than others. 

Pilates helps fix this phenomenon by working the body as a whole. You’ll start with your feet, correct your alignment, and strengthen your body overall in a balanced way.

Pilates helps your golf game by: 

  • Improving your balance through specific exercises targeted to your feet and body alignment 
  • Improving rotation in your trunk 
  • Teaching you to control the different phases of your swing 
  • Improving your concentration and mind-body connection
  • Increasing range of motion and hitting power, while maintaining fluidity
  • Developing more upper body strength (necessary for a firm hold on your golf club) 
  • Strengthening your “weak side”, thus helping prevent injury

How Pilates can help with injuries 

If you suffer from injuries, whether they are old or more recent, Pilates can help you heal them by strengthening your muscles, tendons, and ligaments through specific exercises done on Pilates equipment.

Depending on where your injury is located, your Pilates instructor will suggest the appropriate exercises, giving you an extra chance to speed up your injury recovery. 

It’s all in the mind…

Pilates and Golf have one major point in common: concentration. In Pilates, as is the case in Golf, finding that inner connection, coordinating mind and body, and doing the right movement is very important. 

To do this, you need to know how to concentrate, clear your mind and go on the green with a calm, positive mindset. 

Here’s how Pilates can help you during decisive moments on the golf course: 

The right breathing technique

Learning and mastering the Pilates breathing technique, gives you a precious tool to use when you need to calm down in times of pressure. You’ll also learn to release tension in the upper body, and engage your core muscles instead. 

A good mindset

The physical benefits of Pilates listed earlier will also positively affect your mindset. You’ll feel better in your body and have more control of some physical reflexes that arise when you feel stressed (raised shoulders, tension in the neck…). These inevitably affect your performance on the green, so knowing how to mitigate them is essential. 

Better body awareness

With a regular Pilates practice, you’ll gain a better awareness of your body so you’ll immediately be able to see if you’re not in the right position for an optimal swing! 

Precise movements

Finally, when you’re feeling tense, you might tend to stand too close to the ball. In which case, your centre of gravity is too far forward. A regular Pilates practise will help you master these negative reflexes and correct your movements in decisive moments! 

Claire Pitout

Four Pilates exercises ideal for golfers 

We’ve covered how Pilates can help your golf game from a physical and mindset point of view. Now let’s see which specific Pilates exercises are perfect for golfers: 


Twists are ideal for increasing rotation capacity in your chest and strengthening your obliques. You’ll do these on a mat or a Pilates Reformer.

2.Pull strap and T-shape 

These exercises will strengthen your back, shoulders and open the chest. You’ll do them on a Reformer.

3.Swedish bar 

The ideal exercise to stretch the back of the legs and the lower back.

4.Roll down and Roll up exercises

Roll up, Roll down, Spine stretch forward are all ideal exercises for strengthening the core, working the spine and flexibility in the back body. 

So, are you ready to improve your Golf game? 

Did you find this post useful? Have you any questions? Let me know in the comments below, and please do share this post with a fellow golfer friend. 

Ready to get the perfect golf swing? If so, try a Pilates class with me in Nice and the French Riviera. I offer a wide range of classes ranging from studio equipment classes, mat classes, and private at-home classes.

I look forward to helping you perfect your golf game! 

Yours in Pilates,


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